Robart GmbH


About the company:

Robart GmbH develops and produces intelligent domestic robots with laser navigation (mainly robots for vacuuming and cleaning). The company’s clients include big-name manufacturers of domestic appliances. Robart supplies clients with complete domestic robots, devises customised navigation and control solutions and provides support in the form of development services.

The challenge:

User guidance texts were produced by different software developers, resulting in numerous equivalent designations and formulations;  some instructions were unclear. It was therefore necessary to proofread and standardise the entire body of texts in German.

The solution:

Within a short space of time, experienced proofreaders from GORNIK translators for industry revised the original formulations and designations in the source text and compiled a style guide and glossary. The amendments made to the source text were clearly marked, allowing Robart to check and approve the changes.

The results:

All user texts are now easily comprehensible. The software texts, which are continually updated, are readily available in all target languages.

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