Our interpreters convey
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Looking for interpreters who understand your technical language precisely so that every detail of your message reaches your audience?
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Why Gornik?

Our interpreters regularly interpret into and from some 15 languages at training courses, symposiums and company events. They do so in two different ways:


Consecutive interpreting

In this case, the speaker and the interpreter speak alternately. One interpreter per language ensures communication with no loss of information.


Simultaneous interpreting

Two interpreters per language ensure fluent translation simultaneously, i.e. while the speaker is still speaking.

Our interpreters are often deployed to training courses in which service technicians from around the globe train on machines over the course of several days.

Here they showcase the skills of the professional interpreter: from a profound understanding of technology to a knowledge of written and spoken technical terminology and familiarity with everyday jargon.

You can therefore rest assured that every nuance of your message will be conveyed to your business partners clearly, accurately and professionally.

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